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Our Educational aims:

- to develop initiative;
- to foster thoughtfulness;
- to promote health.

Providing A Rich Educational Experience

1. Utilizing the special characteristics of the multi-use faculties: Elementary School, Kindergarten, Children's Center, Community Library--we aim to promote the growth of a fully developed human being.

2. We foster motivation to take initiative in learning as well as the ability to learn and to act independently.

3. We work to impart the fundamentals and to respond to and develop the individual character and interests of students through creative use of small group classes, lessons taught by subject specialists and team teaching.

4. Through task centered and experiential learning experiences, we help the students understand how to learn and how to approach problems giving them the skills to face the challenges of life.

5. Through activities grounded in the relationship between the school, families, and the community, we aim to develop thoughtfulness and deepen a sense of social consciousness and responsibility.

Mastering the basics:
Learning for oneself / Learning for the fun of it

1. A small group lesson in arithmetic: grades 1 and 2
Splitting the class in two to address the learning needs and assure the understanding of each student.

2. Japanese and Mathemathics lessons taught by subject specialists: grades 5 and 6
Using the open space as a subject classroom, a specialist teaches Japanese and Mathematics.

3. Team teaching
In Integrated Studies, a number of teachers are utilized to meet the individual interests and concerns in Japanese and Mathematics.

Learning from the community / Goal-directed learning

1. Ethics, a lesson open to the public
Parents join the lesson with their thoughts and experiences to convey a deep message to the children.

2. Integrated Studies
Through learning the Shohei Iwai Daiko Drums the children learn community traditions and develop
the determination to keep them.

3. Saturday School
Students motivation is encouraged through offering English conversation, and special drill and review lessons according to goals they set for themselves.

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